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Experienced in keeping people Connected

Since 1939, our work at CT from Savannah, Georgia, and in all the cities we touch has made a difference in the lives of the people who live and work throughout our service area. Builders, developers and contractors use the building materials we deliver to build homes, schools, hospitals, shopping centers, business complexes, huts, shelters and just about every type of structure you can name. It is not hard to understand why customers continue to return to CT Transportation for their transportation needs or why our drivers, co-workers and managers enjoy participating in an enriched creative culture dedicated to the success of all its stakeholders.

Delivering on flatbed trailers is what we do

Hundreds of thousands of homes and buildings have been constructed with the drywall, steel, lumber and other building material our drivers have safely brought to market over the last seven decades we have been in business. We take pride in what we do, and we do it well. We couldn’t do the job as well as we do it if our drivers were not some of the best in the industry, which is why we recognize that they are our most valuable resource.

In the beginning

You may never have seen a 70PS Autocar in your life, but this hard-rubber trailer that Boise Federwitch purchased and Morris Rushing drove was the modest start of Coastal Transport & Trading Company in 1939. Never leaving the state of Georgia, that 70PS Autocar hauled some of the times most critical, but unlikely, companion commodities of meat, glass and lumber.

Making history

Shortly after Jerry Wilson, B. J. Herrin and R. L. (Bob) Bryant purchased the company in 1968, Coastal made history by becoming the “first carrier” to haul imported steel, new to Savannah’s Port Authority. In 1975 it received authority to haul jute burlap. As time moved on and the country’s demand for building materials grew, the early 1980s brought a shift and CT focused on meeting that demand.

With a new focus on building supply manufacturers rather than steel and other imported goods, in 1982 the company began hauling air pollution devices to the oil fields in California and trip-leasing back the Southeast broadening its range of service.

Connected by COMCAR
COMCAR companies know that keeping their people, shippers and associates connected is essential to success. Now operating as CT Transportation, LLC, Coastal Transportation & Trading Company is part of the COMCAR group of companies. Purchased in 1986 by COMCAR, the company has grown from 70 company and owner-operator tractors, 120 flatbed trailers and 12 support personnel to more than 500 trucks, making it one of the largest privately-held flatbed carriers in the nation. Our fleet of late-model Mack tractors is equipped with the best QUALCOMM satellite technology and their Great Dane spread-axle trailers are capable of hauling 50,000 pounds and more of payload. We presently operate nine terminals located in the states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.
1939 Coastal Transport & Trading Company was founded by Boise Federwitch and Morris Rushing hauling meat, glass and lumber
1968 Jerry Wilson, B. J. Herrin and R. L. (Bob) Bryant purchased the company, becoming the “first carrier” to haul imported steel and expanding to include 25 tractors and 50 trailers
1978 Acquired authorization to transport jute burlap
1980 Shifted service to transporting building materials
1982 Began service to California oil fields and trip-leasing back to Southeast
1986 Coastal Transport & Trading Co. becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of COMCAR Industries, Inc. operating 70 tractors and 120 trailers as Coastal Transport, Inc.
1991 Kennedy Trucking’s, Specialized Transport’s and Coastal Transport’s collection of 450 power units merged into one operating company, operating as Coastal Transport, Inc.
1996 All Coastal Transport customer service operations are moved into a new 12,000- square-foot office
1997 Coastal Transport, Inc. put into service its 500th truck, making it one of the largest privately-held flatbed carriers in the nation
2006 Coastal Transport, Inc. becomes CT Transportation, LLC

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